Cricket Hill Winery
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"Do one Thing and do it right" — is the motto of our traditional French winery.   Here, as in the wineries of France, we specialize - producing only a single style blended red wine. A wine blend that pays tribute to the great Châteaux of Pomerol and Saint Emilion.  A classic "Right Bank" Bordeaux from America.

     Your Reward is the Taste — The Right Bank of Bordeaux is long known for producing the most drinkable wines in the world. Unfortunately they're both rare and expensive.  So we’ve gone out of our way to bring those wines to you at an affordable price. That doesn't mean skimping.  We still practice time proven Old World winemaking techniques to insure our Estate Vinted wine blends express the complexity and balance characteristic of their noble heritage.  Taste and see if you don't agree with others that these wines are "special."